lose的过去分词是什么 lose的过去分词 过去分词:loosed lose词汇搭配 用作形容词 (adj.) ~+名词 loose life 散漫的生活 loose thinker 思想不严密的人 loose tongue 随口乱讲 动词+~ break loose 挣脱 come loose 松开来 cut loose 解开 hold loose 漠然置之 let loose 释放 set loose 松手 loose的常见用法 adj. 松的;宽松的;不确切的;不牢固的;放纵的 n. 解放;放任;放纵 v. 弄松;释放;放枪adv. 松散地 用作形容词 The screw worked itself loose and the door fell off the cupboard. 螺丝松了,门从橱柜上掉下来了。

She wore loose garments in the summer. 她在夏天穿宽松的衣服。

Loose labour regulations are one reason. 宽松的劳动规则是原因之一。

It is used these days in a very loose sense by a great many people. 现在,许多人用起它来是很不确切的。

She was branded a loose woman. 她被标为放纵的女人。

用作名词 This will ship to our customer via their consolidator as loose freight. 这将会经由他们的整合者对我们的客户运送如解放船货。

Shake yourself loose from the accreted layers of presuppositions and assumptions that your profession has built up around the topic. 把自己从本专业对此所建立的厚厚预设和假定中解放出来。

I still think a lot about transportation -- you never loose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby. 我直到现在还想着很多有关交通的问题,你不要放任梦想,而要把它 当作一种习惯去培育。

But if we leave, we loose it and I can"t make an entire life disappear to start a new one.可是如果我们走了,我们放纵它,我不能结束自己完整的生活去开始 一段新的生活。

Things were not just lax, but loose, as though everyone but him had grown to accept the situation. 这里的事物已不能说是松懈,应该拿放纵来形容,好像除了他以外, 每个人都渐渐接受了这个处境。

用作动词 Please help me loose the nail, It is rusty and won"t come out of the wall. 请帮我把这个钉子弄松,它生锈了,拔不出来。

A chemical change has to take place before the energy can be let loose.